Hello World, I'm Francesco Arruzzoli

Name: Francesco Arruzzoli

Profile: Ethical Hacker

Attitude: dreamer, innovator.. learner

Country: Italy

Nationality: Proudly Italian


Cyber Security Solution Architect 95%
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst 95%
Software Developer 90%
System Engineer 90%
Cyber Security Advisor 80%
ICT Professional Trainer 70%
About me

I work in the ICT industry for over 25 years. I'm a result-driven Cyber Security Consultant and ICT Solution Architect with extensive experience in design, development and implementation of enterprise applications, infrastructure and security solutions to achieve organizational business objectives.

Vulnerability assessment, host hardening, computer forensic and security advisor of ICT infrastructure to industrial, financial companies, government agencies and the armed forces; trainer at the University of Teramo in the master's degree "Information security and digital investigations" and appointed auxiliary police at Italian Court of Justice as computer forensic investigator.

In the last ten years I have been working on new technological frontiers on the use of artificial intelligence and internet of things in the field of cyber security.

My enthusiasm in ICT is what drives me to continually improve my knowledge and expertise in the field. I enjoy experiencing in different environments and immersing myself into other cultures, which enables me to interact and cooperate in a global context, with my customers I always try to establish a relationship of trust and confidentiality.

My number one rule is:

"hope for the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised !"





Professional Certifications

Some of my main certifications

Something about my job

Speech, Events and Teaching

Digital Awards 360

Artificial Intelligence

Event / 28 settembre 2023

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Cyber Crime Conference 2023

Cyber Crime

Conference / 12 maggio 2023

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Cyber Security Forum 2022

Cyberwarfare e Sicurezza Nazionale

Event / 27 maggio 2022

Video of speech - CLICK HERE

Webinar introduttivo alla Cyber Threat Intelligence

SOCINT Società Italiana di Intelligence

Webinar / 23 marzo 2022

Video of speech - CLICK HERE

Cyber Security Day 2021

Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del Cnr

Interview / 10 october 2021

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Cyber Security Virtual Conference 2021
Il ruolo della Threat Intelligence nella cyber resilience delle organizzazioni

seminar / 27 may 2021

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Conferenza Nazionale sulla Cyber Security

seminar / 04 February 2020

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Camera di Commercio Cantone Ticino

Seminar / 28 november 2019

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Cyber Security Focus 2019

Sicurezza avanzata delle informazioni

seminar / 21 June 2019

no details

RAI: Cronaca e sicurezza nazionale

Giornalismo, intelligence e fake news

seminar / 18 June 2019

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Swedish and British Swiss Chamber of Commerce
seminar / 27 september 2018

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Cloud, big data e cyber security

Camera di Commercio Cantone Ticino

Seminar / 24 may 2018

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Quale sicurezza nel Cyberspace

Tutela delle informazioni e dei dati sensibili

seminar / 27 june 2017

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Cybersecurity and Management Challenges (CMC) Symposium

Franklin University Switzerland

Symposium / 21 september 2016

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Come farsi un arsenale su Internet

LA7 - Trasmissione IN ONDA

Interview / 02 august 2018

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Prototyping Internet of Things

Docenza Corso Univ. di Camerino

Teaching /  november 2015 -  march 2016

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Maker Faire 2015 - Maker of Merit

Rai Tre - Trasmissione Ballarò

Interview / 18 ottobre 2015

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Internet of Things

The raise of machine

seminar / 24 may 2014

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Master di primo livello - Università degli Studi di Teramo

Teaching / from 2008 to 2013

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Seminar / from 2006 to 2016

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Ethical Hackers Guardians Group (EHG2)

EHG2 founder. Information Security Research Group.


Member of Italian Intelligence Association


Head of Research and Development at Cerbeyra CTI Technologies


Some of my articles


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Deepfake & Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Deception

Cyber Deception Technology & Hybrid Warfare - Parte 1


Le Prospettive della Cyber Intelligence: Quaderno Tematico - Anno 2022/Vol. N.1

>> Link Scheda pubblicazione sito SOCINT <<

Cyber Warfare

Cyberwar tra Russia e Ucraina, il punto di vista di un analista di intelligence.


Le proposte della Commissione di Studi Cyber Threat Intelligence e Cyber Warfare


Fare intelligence nel cyber spazio: Big Data e Virtual Humint, dal deep state all'uso personale

Deep Fake

Perché il deep fake preoccupa l'intelligence? Disinformazione e attacchi psicologici con l'uso illecito dell'I.A.

Air Gap Attack Part 2

Attacco a reti Air Gap: infiltrazione, il cavallo di troia

Air Gap Attack Part 1

Attacco a reti Air Gap, tra mito e realtà


Steganografia: evoluzione digitale dell'antica arte di occultare le informazioni


Steganografia: l'arte della scrittura occulta...

Awareness is only the first step

Security awareness is the process of providing formal cybersecurity training and education to organizations, understand the importance of security in daily work routines is the first baseline security.

"..I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space,
were it not that I have bad dreams.."

William Shakespeare - Hamlet, II.

This is how we feel as Ethical Hackers, knowing that someone, anywhere in the world, could be infiltrate in any device of any user at any time, hidden in a small room,
behind a monitor thousands of kilometers away but with a great dangerous power.
This makes us have bad dreams.

There's no innovation without experimentation

Experimentation is a crucial part of innovation,It helps in realizing potential faults early,
reinforcing new knowledge, reducing costs or preventing fatal errors later.
Experimentation is vital for innovation.

Sharing your skills is a way to tell what you can do and who you are

Let yourself be contaminated by the enthusiasm of the youngest, treasure your experience,and remember with great power comes great responsibility.