I am Francesco Arruzzoli

Sr. Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Threats Intelligence Architect, Internet of Things Developer


Name: Francesco Arruzzoli


Profile: Sr. Cyber Security Analyst


Attitude: dreamer, innovator.. learner




Cyber Security Analyst  95%
Cyber Threat Intelligence Solution Architect 90%
IoT Hardware and Software R&D 85%
Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer 95%


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About me

I work in the ICT industry for over 25 years. I'm a result-driven Cyber Security Consultant and Solution Architect with extensive experience in design, development and implementation of enterprise applications, infrastructure and security solutions to achieve organizational business objectives.

Vulnerability assessment, host hardening, computer forensic and security advisor of ICT infrastructure to industrial, financial companies, government agencies and the armed forces; trainer at the University of Teramo in the master's degree "Information security and digital investigations" and appointed auxiliary police at Italian Court of Justice as computer forensic investigator.

In the last ten years I have been working on new technological frontiers on the use of artificial intelligence and internet of things in the field of cyber security

My enthusiasm in ICT is what drives me to continually improve my knowledge and expertise in the field. I enjoy experiencing in different environments and immersing myself into other cultures, which enables me to interact and cooperate in a global context, with my customers I always try to establish a relationship of trust and confidentiality.

My number one rule is:

"hope for the best, plan for the worst."

ICT Professional Certifications

some of my main certifications

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events and news

Cyber Security Focus 2019

sicurezza avanzata delle informazioni

seminar / 21 June 2019

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RAI: Cronaca e sicurezza nazionale

Giornalismo, intelligence e fake news

seminar / 18 June 2019

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article / 3 June 2019

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article / 18 January 2019

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Attacco a reti Air Gap, tra mito e realtá

article / 5 November 2018

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ICT Security Magazine

Steganografia: evoluzione digitale ..

article / 15 September 2017

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Prototyping Internet of Things

Docenza Corso Univ. di Camerino

teaching / 27 november 2015

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Internet of Things

The raise of machine

seminar / 24 may 2014

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